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Speach Highlight

Keynote Speaker Invited Speaker

Keynote Speaker
Keynote (1) 2010/5/20 10:30 ~ 11:20
Chinese Culture University
Speech Topic: Qualitative GIS for a Digital Earth

■ Prof. Trevor M. Harris(USA)

  • Eberly Distinguished Professor of Geography and
  • Department Chairperson West Virginia University, USA


■ Research Interests:

  • Geographic Information Science
  • GIS and Society, Critical GIS, Participatory GIS
  • Humanities GIS, Spatial Humanities
  • Virtual GIS, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis
  • GIS and Archaeology
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
Keynote (2) 2010/5/20 11:20 ~ 12:10
Chinese Culture University
Speech Topic: Digital Earth Framework for Green Society Revolution

■ Prof. Timothy W. FORESMAN (USA)

  • Vice President for Science and Education/Bioneers
  • President of the International Centre for Remote Sensing Education

■ Research Interests:

Community sustainability, Green energy and engineering societal transitions.

■ Experiences:

Dr. Foresman, with academic credentials in biology, ecology, engineering, and geography, has pursued a career dedicated to harnessing spatial information technologies to improved assessments, impact analysis, and early warning for environmental and human induced threats facing humans and the planet.  He has championed the use of Digital Earth mapping tools to stimulate community-based dialogs for sustainability planning by citizens and decision makers around the globe. 

He has been a pioneer introducing GIS, remote sensing, and integrated field survey techniques to major US and international agencies, including the UN and the United Nations Environment Programme, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Headquarters, in Washington, D.C., (where he led the US Digital Earth program as national manager).  He is a founding member of the International Society of Digital Earth, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Editorial Board for the International Journal for Digital Earth.

He served as a principal investigator while serving a professor of geography and  a professor of engineering at the University of Maryland on a variety of scientific research programs sponsored by NASA, US. EPA, US. Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and other state and local agencies. He served as the first GIS Manager for the Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada.  His real-world experience of over three decades includes private consulting, county government, federal government, university, and international service. He has over 80 professional publications, including the definitive book on "The History of Geographic Information Systems," as well as book chapters, scientific papers, and over two hundred talks and keynote speeches.

Keynote (3) 2010/5/21 09:30 ~ 10:20
Chinese Culture University
Speech Topic: The Need for Dedicated Maps for Each Generation: Cartographic Research Requirements

■ Dr. Menno-Jan KRAAK (The Netherlands)

  • Chairman of the Department of Geo-Information Processing Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) University of Twente
  • Vice President, International Cartographic Association (ICA)

■ Research Interests:

Geovisualization, with special interest in the visualization of spatio-temporal data.

■ Experiences:

Menno-Jan Kraak (1958) has a Doctors (PhD) degree in Cartography of Delft Technical University (1988). In 1981 he graduated in Cartography from Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Utrecht University (cum laude). After his compulsory army service (military geography) he started to work at Faculty of Geodesy, Delft University of Technology as (senior) lecturer in Cartography in 1983. In 1996 he started at ITC as professor in Geovisualization. In 1998 an additional appointment followed as professor in New visualization techniques in Cartography at Department of GeoSciences, Utrecht University. Currently he is head of ITC’s Geo-Information Processing Department.

He wrote more than 200 publications on cartography and GIS. His most visible publications are three books on aspect of cartography: Cartography, visualization of geospatial data (with Ormeling) and published by Prentice Hall, and Webcartography, developments and prospects (editor with Brown) published by Taylor & Francis, and Exploring Geovisualization (edited with Dykes and MacEachren) published by Elseviers.

He is a member of the editorial board of several international journals in the field of Cartography and GIS. He has been president of the Netherlands Cartographic Society and of the Society Geo-Information Netherlands. Currently he is board member of this society and chair of the Cartography section. He is active in the International Cartographic Association (Vice-President, National Delegate and has been (co-)chair of the Commission on Visualisation and Virtual Environments).

In the Netherlands he is chair of the board of GIMA (a MSc offered by ITC, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Delft University of Technolgy, chair of the Foundation Scientific Atlas of the Netherlands; member of the Academic advisory Council of research programme ‘Ruimte voor Geoinformatie’. He is Principle Investigator of the ITC research programme Space-Time Data Integration and Visualization (STDIV).

■ Keynote Speech Abstract:

Maps in our daily life play a significant role in understanding our environment. This varies from simple navigation to simulating future urban developments or predicting climatological circumstances. However, over time the appearance of the maps and the options to read and interact with its content are rapidly changing. It looks, every generation is confronted with several re-inventions of the map. The question is if these changes require an adoption of cartographic theory or that those developments can be considered as passing hypes without touching the core of cartographic knowledge. The presentation will shed light on this question and offer some suggestions.


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